Arun District Council Tenancy Agreement

Arun District Council Tenancy Agreement

You must leave the property clean and tidy and in good decorative condition when you leave. This includes all furniture, furniture and furniture provided by the Council. You are not allowed to leave someone in the property when you move. You may be credited with any reasonable costs we incur if you fail to do so or if you have breached other rental terms. If a tenant ends and leaves, the tenancy can end for both parties. This can cause the other tenant to lose their home. If you find yourself in this situation, ask for advice. If you wish to add or remove someone from a lease or transfer (assign) a tenancy to another person, you will need to check with us if you can do so. We can only terminate your rental with a court order. If you are an introductory or degraded tenant, you have a higher risk of eviction.

The judge only has to be satisfied that the council followed the right procedure. Safe tenants have more rights, and the judge has the discretion to ensure that it is reasonable to make an order. The judge may also decide that you must pay the money due. ⢠live in your home for the rest of your life, as long as you continue to comply with the agreement The terms of the lease may be changed at any time by written agreement or by the board who will send you a notice of change. Before sending a notice of change, the Commission will send you notice and provide you with details of the proposed changes for consultation. The Council may only amend the conditions permitted by law. Your seed lease is a probationary period, usually for a period of 12 months. As an introductory tenant, you have fewer legal rights than a safe tenant. This means that it is easier for us to evict you if you do not comply with all the conditions you accept in this rental. Some of the rights set forth in this Agreement do not apply to the Introductory Lease. In some cases, the board`s local policy grants introducing tenants additional rights, provided they receive a request not to return the keys to the property until we have agreed to end the tenancy. We will then advise you on how to return the keys.

It is very important that you keep us informed of any changes that may affect your rental. If the tenant was not married or their spouse or partner did not live on the property, another member of the tenant`s family may have the right to take over the tenancy. Those who can apply to purchase their meeting venue as part of the Right to Buy program, how to apply and what happens next are usually for water, heating, or sometimes for a protected program manager or for support. If you have to pay a service fee with your rental, you have been notified and it will be explained on page 1 of this Agreement. The roommates are jointly and severally liable for compliance with the terms of this agreement. If a tenant leaves and does not give notice, he is always responsible. This means, for example, that in the event of rent arrears or other costs, the board could ask one of the two tenants to pay everything owed to him. If the board issues a notice of termination for one tenant, it will be effective for both. Disagreements between neighbors are not considered antisocial behavior. Once you have tried to talk to your neighbor, we recommend that you seek advice from the Citizens` Advisory Office and, if possible, try to solve the problem yourself with professional advice. If you have a complaint about a neighbour that you cannot resolve, you can contact Housing Services for advice and investigation.

If you violate your rental conditions, we will send you a “Property Procedure Notice”. The notice states that the court is invited to make an order of possession and to indicate the reasons for taking the measure. It will also tell you the date after which the ownership process begins. This will be done at least four weeks after the delivery of the notice. If there is a flatshare, all parties must sign: An important purpose of the lease is to ensure a good relationship between you, the board and your neighbors. We will publish information annually describing the work and performance of the Council. Every year we send you documentation as required by Article 104 Housing Xxx 0000, which contains the Repair Act, your right to sell and the terms of your contract. We create a tenant`s manual. It explains in more detail your rental as well as your rights and obligations as a tenant. It is very important that you have a copy and read it. You will receive a copy of this Agreement. You must be humble in writing for at least 28 days if you wish to end your tenancy.

To terminate the contract, please fill out our online form to terminate the rental agreement. The responsibilities in this agreement could cause you to lose your home. Hosting a subtenant can affect any means-tested benefits you may receive, and you should seek advice on this. Your lease is a legal contract that contains all your rights and obligations. Give your home to someone who is authorized to take over your tenancy in the event of death, or by court order If any of the rules of the lease are violated, we may take legal action against you. We will notify you in writing of which part of the Agreement you have violated. Maybe it`s something you did or didn`t do. You will then have the opportunity to repair it.

We will endeavor to resolve any issues with you. If you continue to violate your lease, the Council will provide you with a notice of application for possession. Our online portal for municipal tenants and housing registry applicants to view and bid for a property The tentative date on which your rental will be secured is: I/We agree to pay any rent arrears due for a previous tenancy. When a tenant dies, their spouse or legal partner may be able to take over and take over the tenancy. This means that the rental made to us may decide to extend the introductory rental period by six months if you do not comply with the terms of this Agreement. If we decide to extend your launch lease, we will notify you before this happens and you have the right to review this decision. If we take no steps to extend or terminate your original tenancy, it will become a secure lease after 12 months. • to a person who has the legal right to inherit the tenancy, but only with the prior written consent of the Council Only an estate to a secure tenancy is allowed, so the succession can only take place if the deceased tenant has not already taken over the tenancy. For example, they had taken over the rental of their husband or wife, their life partner or a family member.

If we have to send you a formal notice, we have to do so in writing. By law, we must give our notice to the tenant or resident of the property. We may give you the notice by giving it to you personally, or by publishing it, or by leaving it at the property or by attaching it to the property. We may deliver it to the address of the property in this agreement or to your last known address. If you live in the property at your death and no one is legally allowed to take over the rental, we may either send a notice of termination of the tenancy or your loved ones may notify us and we may agree on an end date for the rental when the keys are returned and the rental liability ends. Rent, including fees, is due for each week of rental and is due in advance. The board gives you the choice to pay by the week, fortnight or month, provided you pay regularly and on time. We offer a number of payment methods listed in the tenant`s manual. You will have to pay the rent, including the service fee for the property.

It is a condition of the rental that you must pay the rent on time, no later than the day it is due. The terms “property” and “house” include the inhabited dwelling, all furniture, as well as any garden, terrace, balcony, courtyard, shed, parking lot, garage, fence or wall that are rented under the lease, as well as any common areas or facilities available to the tenant. You are entitled to information that could affect your rental or directly concern you as an individual. Your right to information is reinforced by laws such as data protection Xxx 0000 and freedom of information Xxx 0000. If you would like to know more about this, please contact the Council`s Data Protection Officer. Your lease explains your rights and obligations as a tenant and the board`s responsibilities as a landlord. Rental, including service charges, is due in advance. We charge a payment of two weeks` rent when you sign this agreement and keep it until the start of the rental. If you are a safe tenant, the board has the right to apply to the District Court for your rental status to be changed from safe to degraded, which is similar to an introductory lease if you do not abide by this agreement and its terms. This is a weekly periodic rental.

The start date of the lease is as follows: The Council may ask other organizations to exercise some of the rights and obligations we have under this agreement on our behalf. .